This mailinglist was founded in the fall of 1996 as a number of (mostly) European subscribers to the Internet BMW Riders mailinglist sought a place to chat, away from the high traffic on the IBMWR list. As the name suggests, IBMWR is a mailinglist about owning, riding and maintaining BMW motorcycles with (to keep mail volumes down) fairly strict content policies. Europrez is a lot less formal and in fact most of the posts are hardly BMW-related at all. Almost all members do own motorcycles, however.
Starting in 1996, list members have had a yearly meeting called an EP, every year in a different country. These take place over one weekend and are spent eating, drinking, and touring the surroundings on our bikes. Apart from that, mini-EP's are held whenever the fancy hits. EP's so far have taken place in Belgium, Germany, Italy, England, Portugal, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Poland, Czechia and Bavaria (which is not in Germany, according to some).
Subscribing to Europrez is done by sending an email to with just the text "subscribe europrez" in the body. Europrez is a friendly bunch, so feel free to join!
Currently the list has some 50 members, from all over Europe, the USA and even Japan and Equador.