EP24 PRE-registration

Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, the 24st get together of the Europrez mailinglist has been moved to the Taunus area in Germany. Because of the short notice, we ask you to fill out the form below so that we get an idea of the number of rooms needed.
Hotels are still being scouted at the moment, some of the choices under consideration are:

The date will either be as planned before (June 20 - June 23), or depending on hotel availability the weekend after so June 27 - June 30.

Below you can see who have already indicated interest.

Name Room preference Comments
Ton van Bart and Karin KuypersdoubleAny date OK, maybe the 27th is less traffic?
Darryl Richmanshare
Thomas + Sylke Winterfeldtdouble
Armand Marechal & Caroline Arabindouble
Steve Woodwardshare
Jeff and Samanthadoubledate doesn't matter. still don't know if/whether we will both be there but if we aren't then we'll eat the deposit.
Matthias und Beatrice PotthoffdoubleBeide Termine sind machbar, sofern der spätere Termin rechtzeitig beksnntgegrben wird. // We are fine with both dates - anyhow the second date pnly if confirmed quite early.
Claes LesténsinglePreferably 27/6
Carlo & GabidoubleNo pork, no seafood or shellfish.
Ingrid + JochendoubleTwin beds please, We prefer the first date - 20.-23. June 2019
Alessandro Zoratshare
Junji YoshidasingleOne M and one S-sized T’s for me, thanks!
Aldo De LeonardishareAny data ok
Jan Richardsdouble2 Rooms. Either Date is fine for us.
Koen NouwensingleIf single is not possible, sharing is also ok.
Paul Hounslowsingle
Dieter and Irenedoubledate doesn't matter
Lex van Bartsingle
Mark & Vesna BrownedoubleYay!
Richard Browne and Neisha JobanputradoubleMore Yay!
Emma BrownesingleStill more Yay!