Sign up for EP 22!

The 22st get-together of the Europrez mailinglist will take place from July 13th to July 16th 2017, in Northern Bayern. The location will be the Sponsel Regus hotel (link opens in a new window). Room prices will be as follows:

All prices include a rich breakfast buffet, 4-course dinner in the evenings, and access to the swimming pool, infrared warmth cabin, and Finnish sauna. All rooms have TV and free WiFi.

There will also be a run of T-shirts; please select the number of T-shirts per size you would like to order.

Below you can see who have already signed up.

Name Room preference T-shirt Comments
Ingemarsingle1 x-large 1 x-x-large Looks like a great place (y)
Steve Woodwardshare1 x-x-large I dare to share with Darryl!
Darryl RichmanshareAm willing to share a room if you can stand my snoring.
Alessandro ZoratshareI will have to see when close to the EP event about Susan coming or not.
Ingrid + JochendoubleTwo single beds please :-)
Dieter&Irenedouble1 x-large
Guy & Charlottedouble1 small 1 large Two single beds please!
Ton & Karin van Bartdouble1 medium
Armand Maréchal & Caroline Arabindouble1 x-large 2 x-x-large
Koen Nouwenshare1 large If possible a room for handicap. If anyone doesn\'t mind being in this kind of room, I\'m willing to share, otherwise single.
Lex van Bartsingle1 medium
Chris + Marcdouble
Christoph + Mariondouble1 x-large 1 x-x-large It will be 2017 not 2007 ! Looking forward to it.
YOSHIDA, Junjisingle1 small 1 medium
Paul Hounslowsingle1 x-large
Claes Lestén single1 x-large Allergic to fish and seafood.
Sascha + Miriamdouble
Caratz & GabidoubleNo pork in any form, no shellfish or seafood in any form. Fish, beef and poultry are OK.
Aldoshare1 medium
Thomas + Sylkedouble1 x-large
Sven-Erik Tibergshare
Mark & Vesna Brownedouble1 x-large
Emma & Richard Browneshare1 medium 1 large
Ulfshare2 large
Jana & Peter Milessondouble
Jan Richards & Ulrike Best (plus maybe 4)family1 small 1 medium 4 large Smack bang in the kids holidays and a family wedding to attend in the UK at the end of July. Not sure if we\'ll make it.
Tita and Alexander von Rössingdouble1 medium 1 large
Paul, Felix and Tobisingle-guestAll three will share one room, would love to have a student discount :-)
Tova and MonyshareSame food restrictions as Caratz
Taru & Andi Bappertdouble
paolo d\'andria e cristina martinidouble1 small 1 large
Potthoff, Beatrice & Matthiasdouble1 small 1 x-x-large
Dorotheedouble1 x-large mit Robin
Christoph & Martinadouble1 medium
Frank & Heikedouble1 large
Marco Etheridgesingle-guest1 medium I don't have a moto on this side of the pond (YET!) but I will get there somehow.